Dino Insulin Vial Case with Custom Creature Cap - Novalog, Humalog, Fiasp, Lantus (Insulin NOT Included)

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Upgrade your insulin vial cap with these fun caps.
Insulin is RIDICULOUSLY priced.  Even if you have great insurance, the thought of seeing a vial of insulin shattered on the floor is soul crushing.

So we invented the “Vial Vessel” to house and protect your precious life saving liquid! This creative 3 piece design protects your vial even when the cap is off. Easy screw off cap, snug vial fit, thick walls and a wide neck ring to hold the vial in place even upside down making syringe filling a breeze. Designed in conjunction with a patent holding packaging engineer (Mrs. T1D3DGear - who had a lot to say about it) for the best protection and use possible.

  • Three piece container 3D printed from eco-friendly PLA.
  • 5mm thick walls
  • Windows to see remaining insulin level
  • Hand inserted foam padding in cap and base to create a snug fit and cushion in an impact.
  • Knurled cap and fluted body to make it easy to hold.
  • Wide base makes it harder to tip and more stable on the table 
  • Vial Vessels have been expertly drop tested from standard refrigerator butter dish and counter top heights on wood and concrete floor types.
  • Choose from our rainbow of 24 bright colors to make it your very own. Mix and match colors as you see fit.

DISCLAIMER: We can not 100% guarantee that this will protect your insulin vial in all situations (natural disaster, act of war, dinosaur attack, high blood sugar fit of rage). But this at least gives you a good fighting chance of saving it! Seller accepts no liability for damage or loss of insulin incurred while using product. (Our lawyers made us say this.)


And…just like your pancreas - INSULIN NOT INCLUDED


Handmade from free-range, organic, humanely raised PLA. Not GMO free. Not guaranteed gluten free, do not lick. Celiac acceptable.




We believe in doing good and giving back. 

We try to use sustainable packaging and materials wherever possible.  All Vial Vessels are made from PLA made in the USA.  Polylactide (PLA), is a renewable thermoplastic and a polymer. It is 'processed' from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane and sugar beet, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.

A portion of every purchase is donated back to the awesome team at The Nightscout Foundation.  You can check out their work and download your own Nightscout site here: https://www.nightscoutfoundation.org/