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Omnipod Drawer Organizer - 24 Pod caddy

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Organizer holds 24 pods (not included) Organizer is 9.5" x 7.25" x 2" (without Pods) 3 7/8th" with pods. The organizer has individual slots so even as you pull pods out, the others won't fall over. The organizer is 3D printed to order. Designed in conjunction with a patent holding packaging engineer (my wife, who had a lot to say about it) to help keep all this stuff organized. Bright colors to make it your very own. Insulin, infusion sets, or a cure NOT INCLUDED, but if you ask nice we might throw in a cinnamon stick. 3D Printing from a cage free, free-range, organic, humanely raised PLA. Not GMO free. Not guaranteed gluten free, do not lick. Celiac acceptable. For those worried about plastic, PLA is not a petroleum product, it is made from corn starch.